Let me introduce myself: My name is Tory Campbell and I have always floated in artistic circles. However, at the birth of my first daughter in 2006 I got my hands on a digital camera. With many impromptu photo shoots and practice sessions with my wife, daughter, family, and friends,I have acquired what I believe is an eye for capturing life that surrounds me. From time spent in the quaint town of Corvallis to the bustling little big city of Portland all these experiences have lead me to start my own business.

I know that the sale of my work is one way to measure how well I have captured the beauty of the landscape and lives of people around me, as well as, help keep me employed, which too is important. However, most importantly I hope that people see my heart, consider my work, and support me as I reveal what I see through my lens to others.

I have lived a life that has seen much from growing up in the mean streets of inner Oakland California to the grass seed fields of small town Corvallis Oregon.

As your photographer not only will I bring a unique perspective but will deliver a quality and professional product that captures what you envision and fulfills the mission of my company.

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